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Laser Design and Sticker Print Studio


The Painted Moon Laser  Studio is situated in the bustling city of Johannesburg. Here I  design and produce beautiful laser cut products, stickers and stationery.

You can buy  from my online shop or contact me for your own custom designs.


Our Services

Stickers and Decals
Laser Cutting and engraving
Cake Toppers
Design and Illustration

Nita Labuschagne Artist and Designer

 Let me introduce myself, I studied fine arts and have been teaching arts and crafts for more than 30 years.I obtained an art counselors certification and have been practicing as an art counselor at a rehab center for the last 5 years.After becoming a cancer survivor, I realised how much being able to immerse myself in creative activities has helped me to cope with the anxieties of having had cancer, and I now teach from my small studio. I am proficient in many different techniques, but prefer using clay play as my main media.